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RockBowl 2015 First Announcement

A Question and Answer type of competition amongst student teams will be organized during the ISRM Congress in Montreal on May 12th, 2015 as ISRM is seeking to increase the participation of young members in ISRM activities. Each team will represent one University or one country, and will be formed of four students that are regularly registered as such.

In this first version of the event, the number of teams in the competition will be limited to eight to be divided into two groups of four. There will be a total of seven games to define the winning team. Each game will last for approximately ten minutes, and will consist of challenging the teams with assorted questions related to rock mechanics and rock engineering.

Geobrugg Group from Switzerland and Handar Blasting from China are sponsoring the game and will offer a prize in cash in the amount of US$ 4,000.00 and US$ 1,600.00 for the winning and runner-up teams, respectively.

The competition is organized by the Brazilian Rock Mechanics Committee under the guidance of a Steering Committee composed of Professor Xia-Ting Feng, ISRM President, Professor Ferri Hassani, Chairman of ISRM 2015, Dr. Jacques Lucas, ISRM Vice-President for Africa, Dr. Luís Lamas, ISRM General-Secretary and Professor Sérgio Fontoura, President of the Brazilian Rock Mechanics Committee. The Organizing Committee is looking forward to a great participation of ISRM National Groups in this young member activity.

How to register a team

The Rules for the competition as well as the registration form are attached below this announcement and each ISRM National Group (University / Country) is invited to assemble a team, and submit an application for a spot in the event before April 15th, 2015.

The selection of the eight teams will be made on the basis of the order of submission of registrations, and will be considered valid only if the team sends all documentation required in the Rockbowl Regulations before the deadline.

Please note: Teams are responsible for all the expenses related to traveling to Montreal, and competitors must be registered as student delegates for the ISRM Congress.




Director: Lise Bujold
1-514-939-2710 ext. 1308

Congress Coordinator: Chantal Murphy
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Technical Program Coordinator: Janet Sandor
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General Chair: Ferri Hassani, McGill University
Co-Chairs: Jamie Archibald, Queen's University
John Hadjigeorgiou, University of Toronto

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